Quinn’s Pins: My Packaging Update!

The time finally arrived where I decided to update my packaging! Woop woop!! When I started Quinn’s Pins, my packaging wasn’t a huge priority. I obviously wanted the products to get to my customers safely, but I didn’t spend a lot of time making the packaging part of my brand. A good old bubble mailer and a backing card (printed from card and my own printer at the time) was a good enough job. I was a lot more focused on trying to get my first design out the door.

Alas, since then I’ve been lucky enough to grow Quinn’s Pins to what it is today and I’ve been updating my packaging along the journey. Recently I ordered some lovely stamps from No Issue and they’ve really helped to bring a bit of personality to the packaging. My main goal was to make every order like a little gift to the recipient, because who doesn’t love receiving gifts – even if it is from yourself.

I ordered two stamps, one with my logo to help make the name memorable, and one saying “super special delivery!” to add that bit of character (and to notify the postman it absolutely must be delivered safely). I think the stamps have been a massive thumbs up to the improvement of the packaging – it just looks so CUTE!

I also always used to use striped candy bags to put items such as pins in. I did really like these, but after a while I started getting some bigger orders, meaning I then needed boxes, and the bags just didn’t work so well. So they have now been replaced with pink tissue paper (had to be pink!) partnered with branded stickers that I currently print myself, and some glassine bags for smaller orders.


What do you think of the new packaging!? I’ve been using it all for around two months now and packing is a lot more fun and interesting. Granted, it does take longer with all the folding of boxes and cutting of tissue paper, but it’s worth it because it just really feels like my brand now! I still would absolutely love to get some personalised tissue paper, maybe once I run out of this pink one!

I hope that you also like the packaging and recognise the little stamp as it comes through your door – thats a dream of mine, haha!

Have a lovely rest of the week.
Ella x

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