Running a Business: The Month of May!

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May was a pretty big month for me and Quinn's Pins. This was the month of focusing on my new products and the big shop update that was launching on June 1st! As well as lots of other bits in between...

I started the month with a bit of office painting decor. I've made the painting job very difficult for myself as I've decided I don't want to paint the walls normally like a normal person, oh no, I want to paint lots of cute arches, half walls and circles around the flat (I believe it's called Colourblocking). So me and my unsteady hands painted a lovely bright yellow arch on my side of the office, as well as a half pink wall on the back wall (i'm still yet to find a nice sofa bed to go here)

I also ran a sale! I've recently moved over my website from Wordpress to the holy grail of Shopify. It's been a lot easier to quickly upload and edit products on Shopify, so I celebrated with a sale on everything! The past couple of months have been a lot slower than usual for sales. Which causes a lot of internal (and external) panic, but I've also seen a lot of other shop owners saying that their sales have also dropped. I think it's because of the world opening back up again, people are making the most of shopping in physical shops and being out with friends. So I did  a lot of thinking on what I can do to boost my sales again. A shop sale was a good way to get peoples attention, especially as I had a new website to launch. 

Oh! I now also have brand ambassadors! I've been wanting to get my shop out to the world a lot more, and social media is probably the number one way to do that. So i thought, other than what i'm already doing, what other way can I reach new audiences, as well as still pleasing the audience I already have. So I looked into "hiring" some lovely brand ambassadors to help me out with some fun incentives, it's only been running a month but so far so good!

Whilst working on getting my shop out there more, It only made sense that I also worked on improving my packaging (again) and found some perfectly sized boxes, made some cute thank you leaflets, that also double as prints, and a sprinkle of pink zag zag paper...

As i said before, this month was a huuuuge prep month for my shop launch. I've never done a proper product launch before. I've always usually just received a new product from my manufacturer, taken some photos and whacked them up on the website. I didn't want to do that this time. I've been trying to take a more profesh approach to my shop to focus on growing and expanding, and adding a build up to a product launch always seem the best way to go when wanting to put a new product in your shop. So i gave it a go and hazar! I've never had a more successful product drop than I did with this new collection. I really think that showing the behind the scenes of creating the products, doing a product reveal on each product and adding a specific date to launch and look forward to greatly helped the success of the new products. So if you also run an online shop, I really recommend doing a big countdown to a new collection (and get some amazing friends to model your products)

I now have 2 new enamel pins, 3 new keyrings, 4 washi tapes (they came out great, i've never made them before and was quite worried!), 2 tote bags and an abundance of cute stickers. It's been so fun (yet terrifying) to prep the launch and pack up all the orders, I'm already planning products for the next collection!

If you wanted to check out the new collection, you can here!

Let's hope June is a good month for the shop. My focus for June is to continue working on new products (I cant help myself) and try and get my shop out there a bit more and experiment with some ads...wish me luck!

Ella xx



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