Suffering from Creative Block & Some (Hopefully) Useful Tips!

Creative block has hit me hard recently. Everyone suffers from creative block from time to time, but it’s not always talked about. Not everyone likes to show their down days, which is completely fine, but I also think it’s important to know that not everyone’s day is perfect and productive, even if that’s what you might see online. I wanted to share my down days with you, so that if you’re sat comparing yourself to others, or just can’t seem to find the motivation to do anything, hopefully you’ll feel less alone!

For the past few weeks I’ve really struggled to concentrate and get creating. I may get a random creative outburst and have a productive hour or so, but then it’s back to not knowing what to do with my day. Honestly I don’t really know what I’ve done the past few weeks. I’m not really sure what’s triggered it, and I can safely say I’ve never had a creative block that’s lasted this long! I think running a business is very hard, mainly because there’s no one to give you guidance on what to do next and it’s SO easy to see other business owners doing amazingly, the pressure you put on yourself can sometimes become too much!

I often scroll through my Instagram to admire other peoples work and get myself feeling motivated, and I see amazing biz owners absolutely smashing it! They’re always designing new things, people are loving their products and their Etsy and Instagram is going through the roof and, in times like this I think “wow I’d love to be like them” (look at me comparing myself to others when I preach to people not to do that, call me a hypocrite!) but it’s what’s happening right now and it’s so frustrating!

The more I sit comparing myself to others, the more disheartened and unmotivated I become, which I know everyone has been guilty of at some point! So from one business owner to another, here are a few tips I’ve been doing to help me feel less…icky!

1) Take a break – Not feeling it today? That’s okay. Take time to yourself to recuperate. Watch your favourite movie or go for a walk. There’s no point struggling to be productive if it’s just not happening.

2) Do something within your job you enjoy – If you want to carry on working, but just can’t bring yourself to do anything “productive”, do something you know you can do. Like draw a new art piece, write a blog (hello. Thats what I’m doing!) or organise your stock. Doing something within your bix that you enjoy will help you to know you’ve done something productive, even if it wasn’t on your original plan.

3) Write down your worries – This is a good one to get all your problems out in front of you. Take a moment to write a list of everything that’s bothering you/causing this creative block and battle each issue one at a time. Is there anything you can do to get past them?

4) Try to look for inspiration – I know this is hard when you’re struggling to be productive, it’s very easy to see others and compare yourself. But try and surround your social media and real life with people who inspire you. Try and see them working/being creative as a little boost to do the same!

It’s been a crappy few weeks, with a lot of self doubt and doing a whole lot of nothing but sit at my desk and think of what to do. I’ll start a new design, get half way through and give up because I don’t think it’s good enough. Sometimes I’ll think “is my shop based off pure luck rather than people actually liking my designs? Because wtf am I doing” Alas, I thought I’d share it with you, just to get a bit of insight of the bad days, so that if you feel it too, you’ll know you’re definitely not alone, no matter how many followers or sales someone has, I can guarantee we all doubt ourselves at times!

I hope you have a lovely rest of your week! Beat the creative block or ride the wave, either way you’ll be back to creating great things soon!

Ella x

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