10 best affordable gifts for cat lovers in 2022

Cats are one of, if not the most, popular pet to have here in the UK, so when looking for unique gifts for the cat lovers in your life it's important you land the right one! Therefore, I have compiled a list of cat related gifts available in the UK for cat owners to cherish forever...

Cat Enamel Pin

cat enamel pin - inexpensive gifts for cat lovers


The perfect cat themed gift! If you're looking for something small to gift the 'crazy cat lady' (or man!) in your life, this could be the perfect cat present. Pop this enamel pin on your jacket, bag or pin board so that cat owners will no longer need to explain all the cat hair!

Cat Planter

luxury gifts for cat lovers uk


This one is such a unique cat gift for cat lovers and plant lovers combined! The perfect gift to pop in their home to show everyone who visits just how much they love their feline friend!

Cat Embroidery Kit

unique cat themed gifts


Do you have a crafty cat friend? This could be a great cat related present!  A lovely, subtle cat gift for them to place in their home, as well as give them an activity to do!

Embroidered Cat Socks

luxury gifts for cat lovers uk

The cutest present for cat lovers - embroidered cat socks! If you're looking for a more luxury gift for your cat lover friend, what better than some adorable socks to lounge around in!

Cat Keyring

inexpensive gifts for cat lovers


If your friend/family isn't into enamel pins, a keyring is the next best thing! This keyring is a lovely inexpensive gift for cat lovers around the UK. A fab way to bring their love of cats with them wherever they go.

Secretly a Cat Mug

unique cat gifts


Looking for a bit of humour with your gift? This is a hilarious cat themed gift, plus- you can't go wrong with a mug! If who you're shopping for is a tea and coffee drinker, this could be right up their street.

 Cat Candle

cat themed gifts uk


The perfect gift for cat owners...cat candles! The perfect cat ornament for your home, whether you feel like you can light them or not is a different matter...

Cat Oodie

luxury gifts for cat lovers


If you're looking for a more luxury gifts for cat lovers, the cat Oodie could be the one for you! Picture the scene, cuddled up with your cat in your cat onesie, there's nothing better.

 Personalised Cat Book

cat related gifts


 If you're wanting a cat related gifts that's a little more personal, this personalised cat book is adorable! The perfect gift for cat owners who'd love a personalised gift of their cat.

Marbled Cat Hair Clips

unique gifts for cat lovers


Last but most definitely not least, if your friend is into their fashion and beauty, these cat hair pins are adorable! A unique gift for cat lovers that they can use again and again!



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