Hello! I’m Ella, the Illustrator, Designer and owner of Quinn’s Pins -
a one man band!

I started Quinn’s Pins in late 2018. I started to collect enamel pins and wanted to add a Cheese one to my collection (I love cheese). Alas, I couldn’t find one! So I did what any cheese lover with a great need of a pin badge would do, and created my own. From that day on I’ve been working to grow my store, creating more Enamel Pins and eventually branching out to other goodies, such as Tote Bags, Mirror Decals, Keyrings etc.

I started up on Etsy and have since created this website you see before you. I am also very active on Instagram, where I’ve met lot of amazing people and I am able to share my design process!

As Quinn’s Pins grows, I hope to create not only new products, but also a space for Creatives far and wide to feel inspired to reach for their goals and have fun whilst doing it!

I hope you continue on this journey with me!

Lots of love,
Ella x