About Quinn's Pins

Hi! I'm Ella!
The Designer and owner of Quinn’s Pins - Home of Cool Enamel Pins, Keyrings, cute Notepads and more...
Founded in 2018, Quinn's Pins was created with just one product and a whole lot of making it up as I go! It started as I worked at my retail job, collecting Enamel Pins on my apron. I wanted to add a Cheese Enamel Pin to my collection, alas there wasn't one to be found!  So, I did what any cheese lover with a great need of a pin badge would do and created my own (just like that the Brie Happy Enamel Pin was born!) Little by little, Quinn's Pins started to grow. Through years of experimenting, doodling and many days struggling with creative block - Quinn's Pins is what it is today!
Today, I'm lucky enough to work from my own little Quinn's Pins studio from my home in Rochester, Kent. My days consist of designing new products, packing orders and working to make Quinn's Pins grow! I love documenting my days and sharing upcoming products on my Instagram, so definitely come and find me over there if you're interested!
I have huge plans for Quinn's Pins and hope it will continue to grow as it has done the past few years! 
Thank you for taking the time to read. Take a look around! I hope you find something you love.
Lots of love,
Ella x