Are Enamel Pins Still Popular in 2024?

Are Enamel Pins Still Popular in 2024?

In the world of fashion and self-expression, enamel pins have long been a popular accessory, perfect for adding onto your jacket, backpacks, lanyards or display board, enamel pins are great little gifts for friends as there's definitely a design to suit everyone! However this isn't all they're good for. Enamel pins have other purposes, such as political and military campaigns.

But as trends evolve and new styles emerge, one might wonder: Are enamel pins still as popular in 2024 as they once were? Let's take a look into the history of enamel pins and why people are still interested in them today...

The History Of Enamel Pins

Enamel pins that we know today are very different from the ones many years ago. In fact, the process of enamel pins are known to have been around since 1800BC! It was actually the Egyptians who began the process of making enamel pins by learning the process of enamelling and inlaying. However, it was actually thought to be the Chinese the manufactured the first enamel pin between 1271 and 1328 AD - who'd have thought they'd still be around so many years later.


Civilian "On War Service" badge from WW1

Since then, enamel pins became a popular accessory during wars, starting in the Revolutionary War and continuing through to World War 1 onwards, enamel pins were used to identify their regime, rank and unit. These enamel pins were usually made of metal with an enamel coating to keep it protected. 

Fast forward a little and enamel pins became a popular way to advertise. Starting in the 1920's-1930's, companies would have enamel pins made to give away as freebies to allow potential customers to remember their brand (fun fact: that's exactly what I did when starting Quinn's Pins!)


Butlins Enamel Pin from the 1930's

Then, as time went on, from the 1950's onwards, enamel pins became more of a fashion statement as a way for young adults and teens to express themselves. For example, wearing pins of their favourite band or beliefs. Soon after, more designs began to emerge, allowing us to have many enamel pin designs that express our emotions, hobbies, favourite artists and much much more!

Why Are Enamel Pins So Popular?

This leads us to the question we have today...are enamel pins still popular in 2024 and why? Let's take a look...

Since more designs began to emerge in the 90's, enamel pins have become very popular collectibles - allowing people to collect pins based on their favourite tv shows, hobbies, beliefs and personality. In fact, on Etsy alone there are over a quarter of a million enamel pins for sale! 

Self Expression

Enamel pins are a very popular way to express yourself in 2024. By choosing pins with designs that resonate personally, individuals can communicate aspects of their identity, interests, and values to the world. This, in turn, makes them great gifts for friends as they are a great product to buy someone simply because it reminds them of their friend. For example, our "cat hair everywhere" enamel pin is a great gift for cat lovers!

Cat Hair Everywhere Enamel Pin


Enamel Pins Are Great Collectibles 

Another reason why enamel pins are still so popular in 2024 are due to their collectible value. Whether someone is collecting pins based on their theme (Disney, animals, colour etc) or because of their value, they're an easy item to collect and display in your home without taking up loads of room. With rare and limited editions available, this makes the collecting a whole lot more fun!

Collecting enamel pins has also led to something known as "pin trading", which allows you to trade your enamel pins with other collectors at conventions or with friends/local collectors. Over the years, this has become quite a popular activity in Disney parks, as you can trade your official Disney enamel pins with team members!

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Meaningful Gifts and Souvenirs

Enamel pins are sill very popular due to being used as souvenirs. Collectors often seek out unique pins specific to different locations or attractions they visit, creating a little record of their adventures. Whether purchased from local artisans, tourist shops, or cultural sites, these pins become nice reminders of places visited and experiences enjoyed.

They are also great gifts for your friends and loved ones. Due to the huge range of designs out there, it is almost definite that there is an enamel pin for everyone. If you're looking for a place to start your enamel pin collection, take a look at our pins that we have designed ourselves at Quinn's Pins

Enamel Pins In Fashion

Not only are enamel pins popular due to their collectability, they're also beautiful fashion pieces. Pins are great for popping on your jacket, bag, lanyard, or any other accessory you can think of, to add some personality to any outfit.

Enamel Pins are an easy and affordable way to add something a little extra to your outfit, whilst also showing off your hobbies and interests! They also make a  great talking point!


Are Enamel Pins Still Popular?

In conclusion, enamel pins are far from being a passing fad—they have cemented their place as timeless accessories in their community. Whether you're a dedicated collector, or simply someone looking to add a touch of flair to your style, enamel pins offer endless possibilities for creativity and self-expression.

So, in 2024 and beyond, don't be surprised to see enamel pins continue to grow in popularity on peoples jackets, backpacks, and beyond, serving as mini storiea to show peoples personalities!

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