Beautiful Suncatcher Stickers for Windows

Beautiful Suncatcher Stickers for Windows

Suncatcher stickers are a great way to bring summery rainbows into your room all year round! There are different types available out there, however sun catcher window stickers are definitely my favourite kind! They work just as well as hanging suncatchers, yet require no room - just a free space on your window!


Suncatchers for Windows

Here at Quinn's Pins we sell multiple different designs of rainbow suncatchers - Each one handmade by myself (yes I do have one in every window of my home, I have no self control)  So if you're looking for suncatcher window stickers, you've come to the right place!

What is a Suncatcher Sticker?

rainbow suncatcher window sticker

Rainbow Suncatcher Stickers are made from vinyl, making them durable and a lot less fragile than crystal suncatchers - although they still have a beautiful crystal look to them. Suncatcher stickers can be applied to your window with some water, which will bring in beautiful rainbows into your room. The rainbows are created by the stained glass affect on the suncatcher! They are amazing as they can be removed, leave no residue and supply you with beautiful rainbows all year round.

Suncatcher Window Stickers

suncatcher stickers


Our Smiley Face Suncatcher Window Sticker is one of our most popular designs! They have a beautiful 'stained glass suncatcher' look to them - however they aren't glass at all. Made with vinyl, they are a great size, durable and reusable!


Applying your Suncatcher Stickers

plant rainbow suncatcher


Applying your suncatchers to windows is easy to do. To make it even easier, each rainbow suncatcher comes with a few simple instructions.

  • Ensure you choose a window that gets a lot of light - the more light, the more rainbows.
  • If you're like me you may need to give your chosen window a clean before you apply (to make it look extra pretty)
  • Spray your chosen spot with water
  • Peel the frosted backing off of your rainbow suncatcher
  • Apply your suncatcher to your chosen spot and push out any air bubbles - Your suncatcher can be moved around until the spot has dried, so feel free to adjust until you're happy with your placement!
  • Your suncatcher sticker can be peeled off and reapplied a few times if you want to move it around your home!

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