Enamel Pin Gift Guide for 2023

Enamel Pin Gift Guide for 2023

Here at Quinn's Pins we have a range of enamel pins, they are the perfect gift for so many people, as we have many different designs! Enamel pins are a great item to collect due to the many different themes and designs available. For example, if your looking for a gift for a plant lover, our Plant Queen Enamel Pin would be a great pin badge to add to your collection. Maybe you're a lover of cheese? Our Brie Happy Enamel Pin was our first ever design! 

gift for plant lovers

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Whether you are shopping for an already existing pin collector or you're looking for a little gift to make someone smile, an enamel pin from Quinn's Pins is a great addition. We truly believe that there's a pin for everyone. They're a great accessory to wear on your jacket, backpacks or lanyards, or just display them on a display board.

Gifts for Food Lovers 

Brie Happy Enamel Pin

We love food, so we have a lot of pin badges that are food related! Our very first enamel pin that started it all at Quinn's Pins was the Brie Happy Enamel Pin. Back in 2018, the owner of Quinn's Pins, Ella (hello!) was, and is, a great lover of cheese and had an interest in illustrating and product design. Mix those passions together and the cheese enamel pin was born! This enamel pin is still one of Quinn's Pins best sellers and is a great gift for cheese lovers.

cheese enamel pin badge "brie happy"
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Croissant Enamel Pin

Our Croissant Enamel Pin Badge, is another great food enamel pin that is bound to make any foodie smile. This adorable croissant is super cute and a great addition to your backpack/lanyard!

gift for bakers

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Orange Enamel Pin

Too add to our adorable list of food enamel pins, our Orange Enamel Pin Badge is a round sphere of happiness and joy. Ella loves to draw adorable items with faces on and this is just one of them. Speaking of, we also have a smiling Popcorn Enamel Pin - we just can't resist!

kawaii orange enamel pin badge

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Gifts for Artists

Let Me Procreate Enamel Pin

Creativity is at the heart of Quinn's Pins, we wouldn't be here without it! All Quinn's Pins products are designed by the owner, Ella, so it was important that she designed some products for us creative folk. All products are drawn using the app Procreate, which is why we now stock a Procreate Enamel Pin - those that get it, get it! Interested in Procreate? Read more about the app here.

gifts for digital artists

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Too Many Tabs Enamel Pin

With creativity comes brain power, which leads to a lot of tabs being open in our brain! Our Too Many Tabs Enamel Pin is a gorgeous relatable pin for anyone that has way too many tabs open. If you feel like you have too many tabs open in your head, here's a visual representation of our brains 24/7.  

adhd gifts

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Create Don't Hate Enamel Pin

Create don’t hate! The perfect positivity pin and a great gift for an artist. This enamel pin was designed to spread the message to create wonderful things and be kind - what better message than that!

gifts for artists

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We have a range of gifts for creatives, whether you're looking for a gift for an art student, or you know someone who loves to be creative in their spare time, they're sure to love one of our pins! 

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Gifts for Business Owners 

As a business, it’s important to celebrate the small wins and recognise how far you have come. Even a small step in the right direction is progress. If you have a friend or loved one that has a business, big or small, this small gift to show them you are proud will go a long way.

Proud Business Owner Enamel Pin

Our Business Owner Enamel Pin is a great token to say "go you" for your business owner bestie. The perfect gift for every business owner and founder around the world to wear with pride to show the world they are proud of their success! 

gifts for business owners

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Stress Less Enamel Pin

The stress less enamel pin is a perfect reminder to take a moment for you and your mental health. Running a business can have its stressful moments and it's important to prioritise your mental health! This enamel pin is great to pop on a display board in the office, or to sear on your work bag to remind you to take a step back and prioritise you. During a recent study conducted by Mental Health UK, they found that 4 in 5 small business owners experience symptoms of poor mental health at least a few times a year, read more about that here.

mental health gifts - gold enamel pin that says "stress less"

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Gifts for Animal Lovers

We LOVE animals, who doesn't?! Which is why we have a few enamel pin badges for our fellow animal lovers.

Cat Hair Everywhere Enamel Pin

With this Cat Hair Enamel Pin, you'll no longer have to explain the cat hair when anyone tries to figure out what that mysterious fluff on your jacket is. Pop this Enamel Pin on your jacket, bag or pin display and let everyone know that you're a proud cat owner!

cat hair everywhere enamel pin badge

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Dog Hair Enamel Pin

Looking for a gift for a dog lover? This dog enamel pin badge is paw-fect for any canine enthusiast. Put your love for your furry friend on display and show you're not ashamed of a few fluffballs here and there.

gifts for dog owners

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At Quinn's Pins we have a great range of products that everyone is bound to find one they love. Be sure to have a browse at our enamel pins, as well as our other items, all designed in store by Ella!

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