How Quinn's Pins Became a Successful Enamel Pin Maker

How Quinn's Pins Became a Successful Enamel Pin Maker

If you haven't heard of us before - hello! We are Quinn's Pins, an online accessories and stationery store with over 100 products to choose from. Quinn's Pins started back in late 2018 with one Enamel Pin - the Brie Happy Enamel Pin Badge. The founder, Ella Quinn, now aged 26, collected enamel pins for her work apron/lanyard  and one day decided to put her illustrative skill to use to create her very own pin badge. This is how she became an enamel pin maker...

ella quinn - quinn's pins

Ella with her first enamel pin design.

Becoming an Enamel Pin Maker

Ella started to jot down ideas in her spare time that she thought could make good enamel pins. She was a big lover of cheese at the time (still is!) and noticed that the pin badge market was lacking cheesey designs - thus the Brie Happy Enamel Pin was born.

Once she had a design that she loved, Ella put it to the test by creating a mock-up design to put online to try and gain interest. After a few weeks she had people pre ordering the design - which meant that it was time to bring the product to life! 

ella quinn - quinns pins

Making Enamel Pins

After a few weeks of adjusting colours, sizes, plating etc, the enamel pin was in hand and online for the world to see! From there, she worked on creating a website, an Etsy and an Instagram page. She invested every sale back into the business in order to create more products for people to enjoy. Fast forward 4 years later and Quinn's Pins now has over 100 products to enjoy - ranging from enamel pin badges, keyrings, notepads and much more.

At Quinn's Pins, we now stock over 30 different enamel pins (which continues to grow). Although we have no expanded to many more products, Enamel Pins will always be a favourite product to design - it's in the brand name afterall!

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