How To Apply Suncatchers Stickers!

How To Apply Suncatchers Stickers!

Window vinyl suncatchers are a great way to bring in rainbows into your home. There are different types of suncatchers, such as crystal suncatchers and vinyl suncatchers. At Quinn's Pins, we sell vinyl suncatchers, which are a great alternative to glass suncatchers and are super easy to apply - as well as being a subtle, space saving way of bringing in those rainbows!

Applying Window Rainbow Suncatchers

Step 1. Choose a window with lots of natural light and ensure it's clean - these windows are best for creating stronger rainbows!
window suncatchers
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Step 2. Spay your chosen spot with water. These rainbow suncatchers stick best when the window is a little wet before applying.
Step 3. Peel the back of your suncatcher off (the smooth side) and apply the suncatcher to your window

diy suncatchers
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Step 4. Feel free to slide your suncatcher around until you're happy with it's position!
Step 5. Gently push out any air bubbles that may be behind your suncatcher.

Step 6. Wipe away any excess water and allow the suncatcher to dry!

Your suncatcher is now ready to make some rainbows! These suncatchers have a lovely stained glass effect, so work just as well as hanging suncatchers! If you're looking for some DIY suncatchers, make my me in my studio, you can shop for them here...

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