How to Handle Creative Block

How to Handle Creative Block

This past week or two has been full of the dreaded creative block! There's been so much that I've wanted to get done, yet when I put pen to paper, nothing was happening... Now I know i'm not alone here, I think every creating being has had creative block/art block, so I thought I'd share some ways on how help creative block and get back on track!


What is Creative Block?

Creative Block sucks! The best way to describe Creative Block is the inability to access your creativity/productivity. Which can cause you to feel very lost and frustrated when trying to be productive. You may be asking 'how long does Creative Block last?' well unfortunately it differs from person to person. So here are some ways to handle Creative Block...


How to Handle Creative Block!

It's ok to take a break

It may sound cliché, but sometimes doing nothing is productive. You can't force creativity! Rather than forcing yourself to get some work done, take a break - go for a walk or watch a film/series you've been enjoying. Whether you have a break for an hour or two, or you need the whole day off to reset. Do whatever you feel your brain needs to reboot itself.


Manageable Chunks are Good Chunks

That's what I always say! When we're in the Creative Block mindset, everything just seems SO far away. Try finding ways to manage your tasks/projects so that they are much smaller/manageable jobs. I find that putting your big job into a mind map and breaking them down into smaller tasks helps!


Do something within your job that you enjoy

If you're wanting to carry on working, but just can't figure out what you can be doing to be productive, try doing something that you enjoy. Whether that's prepping some stock, drawing a new art piece, even using your time to interact with your customers and fellow creatives on Social Media. Whatever task you enjoy, no matter how big or small, use your time to do this! It may help you to feel more like you've achieved something during your creative block moment.


Make a List

Lists are amazing for so many reasons. Whether you pop on some relaxing music and come up with a few things you'd like to achieve that day/week/month, or even write a list of how you're feeling. By seeing your goals/feelings in front of you, you'll be able to have a clearer mind in your next steps to greatness!


Failure is a Step Closer to Success!

I don't know about you, but during my Creative Block period, it was SO frustrating for me because I felt like I didn't even want to attempt any small idea I had, in case I failed and wasted even more time. However, failure is a huge part of success. We can't all create a masterpiece first time, all of the time. Creative Block will always be a part of the process - allow yourself to fail! That way, next time you'll do it better than before.

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