How To Make Sticker With Cricut Explore Air 2

How To Make Sticker With Cricut Explore Air 2

Are you a sticker enthusiast looking to add a personal touch to your collection? Perhaps you're considering starting your own sticker shop? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the exciting world of sticker making using the Cricut Explore Air 2 and their amazing sticker design software.
I have been running my online shop, Quinn's Pins, for the past few years and my Cricut Explore Air 2 has been my partner in crime. It has allowed me to create a huge amount of products, such as Stickers, Mirror Decals and Suncatchers. I wanted to create this useful guide to help you to do the same! So let's get into how to make stickers with a Cricut Explore Air 2 and how exactly it works...
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The Cricut Explore Air 2

The Cricut Explore Air 2 is a cutting-edge crafting machine that offers users a user-friendly way to bring their creative projects to life. Equipped with a fine-tuned blade and advanced technology, this cutting machine can effortlessly cut through a wide variety of materials, including vinyl, cardstock, iron-on transfers, and even thicker materials like leather.

One of the key features that makes the Cricut Explore Air 2 stand out is its seamless integration with Cricut's Design Space software. This cloud-based platform serves as the creative hub for users, providing access to an extensive library of designs, fonts, and images, as well as powerful design tools for customisation.

With Design Space, users can effortlessly create and edit their own designs, or choose from a vast selection of ready-made projects curated by Cricut's team of designers. The Cricut Explore Air 2 communicates wirelessly with Design Space via Bluetooth, allowing for seamless project creation and real-time adjustments from the convenience of a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Supplies For Sticker Making

Materials You'll Need:
  1. Cricut Explore Air 2
  2. StandardGrip Cutting Mat
  3. Sticker paper of your choice
  4. Inkjet printer
  5. Cricut Design Space software (free to download) You can do so here.
  6. Weeding tools
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How To Make Stickers With Cricut Explore Air 2 

  • Open up your Cricut Design Space software and select "New Project in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Select "import" in the lower left corner and then "import image" to import the image you want to make into a sticker. Ensure that your image is transparent so that the Cricut knows where to cut.
how to make stickers with Cricut Explore Air 2
  • Next, I usually select "complex" for the image type to ensure I get the more accurate cut.
  • Select your uploaded image from the "Recent Uploads" section and select "Add to Canvas"
  • Continue and select "Print then Cut" from the menu and resize your image to the size of your sticker.
  • You can then copy and paste your design multiple times (either with CTRL+C/CTRL+V or Edit > Copy/Paste) to fit as many stickers as possible on a sheet of paper. Alternatively, you can arrange your sticker designs on Adobe Illustrator beforehand, save it as a transparent image and import that file into Cricut Design Space.


how to make stickers with cricut
  • Once your stickers are the correct size and in position, select "Make It" in the top right-hand corner
  • Check over your design, select "Continue" and send your design to your printer.
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How To Cut Your Stickers

  • Your sticker design(s) should print with a black border around them. This black border is what your Cricut machine will use to scan your image.
  • Add your printed sheet onto your Cricut Mat face up and ensure it is stuck well to the Mat.
  • Turn on and open your Cricut Machine and ensure it is connected to your computer and recognised by the Cricut Design Software.
  • Insert your Cricut Mat and select the button with two arrows to feed the mat into the machine.
  • Check your Cricut Design Software to ensure it is connected and ready to go.
  • Select your chosen cut depth with the dial on your Cricut machine. This will take a bit of practise as it depends on the thickness of your sticker paper. I usually use "Cardstock+" for die cut stickers and "Vinyl" for sticker sheets.
how to use cricut design space
  • Once you are happy with your settings, select the Cricut button (the button with a C) to begin cutting.
  • Once your Cricut has finished the cut, select the arrows buttons again to release the mat.
  • Peel off the excess of your sticker sheet! Here is where you may find a weeding tool useful to easily get rid of any excess bits of paper you don't want on your sticker!
motivatonal stickers
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Whether you're a sticker collector or dreaming of starting your own sticker shop, the Cricut Explore Air 2 opens up a world of creative opportunities. Experiment with different designs, colors, and sizes! Let your imagination run wild, and enjoy the satisfaction of bringing your ideas to life through the art of sticker making.
Happy crafting!

Where To Buy Stickers

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