How to Take Care of your Enamel Pins

How to Take Care of your Enamel Pins

If you're a pin collector, you know that enamel pins are one of the best ways to show off your what you love. We have enamel pins for self love, motivation, relatable quotes, food pins and lots more. But what if you want to make sure they last forever? Well, this article will show you how!

how to clean your enamel pins

Clean your Enamel Pins

The best way to clean your enamel pins is to use a soft cloth or microfiber towel. A soft toothbrush can also be used for cleaning, as well as rubbing alcohol. If you have a pin cleaner on hand (available at many craft stores), this is the best option for removing stubborn dirt from your enamel pin’s surface.

Whether you have hard enamel or soft enamel pins, it's great to ensure that you clean them regularly. I recommend cleaning your pins every month or so. 

Before cleaning your enamel pin badge, make sure you remove the back and make sure you avoid the sharp pin edge. 

Definitely avoid harsh chemicals, don't use house hold cleaning products and especially bleach! The easiest and safest way of cleaning your pin is to simply use a dry, microfibre cloth. This should remove any tarnishing/marks!

cleaning your enamel pin

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Store your Enamel Pins in a Dry Place

You'll want to keep your enamel pins in a dry place. Humidity and dampness can affect the quality of your enamel pin, especially if you store them in a place where they can get wet. If you'd like to display a few of your favorite pins in an easy-to-see location, ring jewellery boxes with clear/glass lids are a great way to display them as well as storing them safely

Storing your Enamel Pins in a Pin Box, Pin Jar or on a Pin Board

If you're storing your enamel pins in a box, keep them in a cool dry place. If you have a lot of boxes and are storing them on shelves, try putting them in plastic bags. This will help keep the moisture out, which can lead to rust or discoloration of your pins over time.

If you want to store your enamel pins in drawers, try putting them in small plastic bins with lids. The smaller the bins are, the easier they'll be to stack!

How to Wear your Enamel Pins

  • Wear your enamel pins on a pin board

  • Wear your enamel pins on a pin hat.

  • Wear your enamel pins on a pin shirt.

  • Wear your enamel pins on a pin jacket.

  • And finally, wear them anywhere else you can think of!

With the right storage and care, your pins can last for many years.

If you plan on keeping your enamel pins for a long time, it's important to store them properly. The right storage will keep them in good shape and ensure that their colors stay vibrant.

Enamel pins are made of metal, and they're durable when cared for properly. But you can't just toss them around like toys—you need to treat them like the precious items they are!

Enamel pins have a hard surface: either metal or resin with an enamel coating on top (or both). This gives them some serious structure, so they're not as prone to bending or breaking as other types of jewellery might be. But this doesn't mean that an enamel pin won't get damaged if it's dropped onto concrete from three stories up! 


I hope this post has helped you learn more about the care of your enamel pin collection! If you'd like to check out the enamel pins that Quinn's Pins has to offer, you can do so here!

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