How We Made Our Enamel Frog Necklace: Step By Step

How We Made Our Enamel Frog Necklace: Step By Step

Recently we launched our range of Enamel Necklaces - a bunch of bright and wonderful necklaces to add a pop of colour to your outfit. One of our most popular necklaces from this range is our Frog Necklace! This product was designed to be the perfect frog gift for any frog lovers, so let's take a look into how it was created...


Making Our Cute Frog Necklace

When designing our enamel necklaces, I wanted them to be a subtle, yet colourful piece to add to your jewellery collection. The kind of necklace that people look at in awe of just how adorable it is - and what's more adorable than a little green frog!

Step 1:

The first step to creating this frog necklace was to get drawing. I started to draw my ideas down in Procreate - What style did I want the frog? Did I want just his head, or his body too? Am I adding a cute smiley face? That wasn't a question, of course he was having a cute little face!

frog necklace

initial sketches


Step 2:

After finalising a sketch that I was happy with, it was time to add the colour and detailing. It was a huge debate in my head for a while whether to make the necklace silver or gold. After creating a few polls on Instagram and doing a Google search, it was clear that Gold was the popular option. It also made the colours pop that little bit more. So a gold frog pendant was on its way! I worked out sizing, materials and colours and printed out mock-ups in order to ensure everything was correct.

enamel necklace

printed necklace mockups

Step 3:

Once I was happy with the design of the frog charm and chain type and length, it was time to contact my manufacturer! This was my time to ensure that everything I had planned out was correct, as well as ask about any material queries. Once this was all finalised, the necklaces could go into production.

frog jewellery

finalised design


The manufacturing process usually takes around 4 weeks, so in that time I was eagerly awaiting progress pictures. I was so excited for these necklaces to be released! Picturing customers wearing matching frog friendship necklaces was a vision i couldn't wait to see come to life!

Step 4:

After a few weeks, the progress pictures were finally available! I was luckily super happy with how the designs had turned out and couldn't wait to have them in my hands.

frog gifts

Step 5:

After 4 weeks, the necklaces were finally on their way to the Quinn's Pins Studio. During this time I had created the necklace packaging. Each necklace comes with a care instructions card, as well as the necklace being backed onto a branded backing card in a pink organza bag - CUTE!

The Perfect Frog Gift Has Arrived!

Good news! The frog necklace has finally arrived and we're all super happy with how it turned out! The charm is made from Iron and is Gold Plated, with a 23cm Stainless Steel chain - now available to shop here! 
The process of making these enamel necklaces was so fun and I already can't wait to create more. If you're looking for a gift idea for frog lovers, i'm sure they'd love our little frog necklace!🐸
frog necklace

Frog Necklace Meaning?

As part of our product research when designing our frog necklace, we had a little look into what it really means to wear a cute little frog charm around your neck. We found that frogs symbolize communication, stability and unity. It is also a sign of wealth and abundance! Amazingly, the Gold Frog is a symbol good luck - aren't you glad we went with Gold over Silver!

Thank you so much for reading the design process of our enamel necklaces!

If you're looking for a cute frog gift for a frog lover - take a look at our frog necklace here!

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