My Top 5 Procreate Brushes

My Top 5 Procreate Brushes

Hey everyone! I’ve been doing a lot of drawing and designing recently, so I thought I’d share with you my favourite brushes to use on Procreate. If you’re subscribed to my newsletter, you would’ve been sent this a while back, however a lot of people have been asking, for here it is!

1. Technical Pen – This falls under the ‘Inking’ Category and it is my go to! I LOVE using this brush for outlining and finer details. It’s so good for creating more definition in your outlining, as it works SO well with pressure sensitivity.

2. Tinderbox- I have recently fallen in love with the  Tinderbox pen under ‘Inking’. When I first saw it, it was a no go for me. But I gave it a try on a recent drawing and I’m obsessed. I use it a lot for shading, as it gives a rough, sketched look, whilst still looking tidy. It also looks really well when you reduce the opacity slightly!

3. Old Beach- This pen is found under ‘Artistic’ and is beautiful for adding textures to your drawings. I especially like to use it for backgrounds as, when I just have a solid colour background, it can look too flat. So using this helps to bring it to life a bit more, without taking the attention away from the main illustration.

4. Gouache- An oldie but a goldie! Found under the ‘Painting’ section. If you haven’t used this brush yet, PLEASE do! It’s gorgeous to use when colouring in your work, if you want to steer clear from that solid pen look, Gouache is great. It’l a little bit tricker to ‘stay inside the lines’ if you will. But it works great with the smudge tool to even everything out.

5. Dry Ink- This is found under ‘Inking’ again. I like to use this brush for outlining when I want a softer look. I sometimes struggle to outline my drawings using pencil, so Dry Ink is perfect. It’s a mix between a pen and a pencil, and just softens everything out. So if you’re wanting a sketched kind of look, but aren’t a huge fan of the sketching options, give this one a try!

So they are my top 5 brushes on Procreate! I use these for most of my illustrations recently. Are there any you love? Be sure to share them with me!

Lots of love and stay safe!
Ella x


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