Sympathy Gifts : The White Feather Enamel Pin Badge

Sympathy Gifts : The White Feather Enamel Pin Badge

In life, unfortunately we encounter moments that leave us with an indelible mark – the loss of a loved one. Coping with grief and cherishing the memories can be a challenging but essential part of the healing process. To provide comfort, we introduced our best-selling product, the white feather enamel pin. In this blog post, we will delve into the significance of this symbolic pin and how it has become a cherished keepsake for countless individuals.

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The Symbolism of the White Feather

The white feather is believed by many to be a sign from a loved one who has passed. Feathers are left by loved ones/angels to show that they are near and watching over us.  This is seen as a sign of hope and guidance from the spiritual world .See more about the story of the white feather here.

Bereavement Gifts: A Tribute to Lost Loved Ones

Our white feather enamel pin was designed for those navigating the difficult path of grief. We understand the importance of this symbol to our customers, so we take great pride in quality checking every enamel pin before they are sent to their new homes. Each pin is delivered on gorgeous backing cards with the quote "a white feather appears when a lost one or angel is near". We pack each item like opening a little gift, so they're ready to be sent directly to a loved one.

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A Beautiful Funeral Gift

Since creating our feather enamel pin, many of these pins have been purchased as funeral favours for the family and friends attending a funeral. They have also been a gorgeous token to those attending weddings to symbolise those who couldn't make the special day.
The white feather enamel pin has become a source of comfort for countless individuals who have experienced the loss of a loved one. Wearing the pin allows them to carry a piece of their loved one with them. It is by far one of our favourite products in our store and we plan to continue providing this product for years to come.
Funeral gift - white feather
Here is a customer photo from their recent wedding,
wearing our white feather enamel pin

This enamel pin is a gorgeous keepsake to let that special someone know that you are thinking of them. During the difficult journey of bereavement, our white feather enamel pin is a beautiful memorial gift to remind someone that that the love and memories shared with those we've lost live on in our hearts.
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