Top 10 (Really) Cute Notepads and To Do Lists of 2021!

a6 notepads cute cute notepads notebook stationary

I've found SO many cute notepads and To Do lists this year. As someone who works from home and is a huge lover of cute stationary, it's safe to say I have a massive notepad wish-list for Christmas.
Notepad and To Do List Favourites:
 1.) I've actually released multiple different notepads this year at Quinn's Pins, and this floral notepad has to be a favourite! It's just so pretty!

2.) This notepad by Amy Writes is perfect for a to do list on a busy day!
amy writes notepad
3.) A gorgeous kawaii notepad, especially if you love bubble tea...
4.) This is a beautiful bundle of 4 cute A6 notepads! The perfect gift for any stationary lover. This'll keep them occupied for a while (also sold separately)
5.) The definition of a cute notepad, if you love organisation and sloths, I think i've found the sweetest notepad by Laurel Mae!
6.) Plant lovers, this notebook is for you...
7.) Juniper Moon's Notepads are always a good shout too
8.) Love cats? This A6 cat notepad is just adorable!
9.) A notepad for your shopping list! You definitely wont forget to buy any lemons!
10.) Last but not least, a notepad with a friendly reminder to get your head down and get back to work...

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