Top 5 Mental Health Enamel Pins

Top 5 Mental Health Enamel Pins

Mental health is an extremely important subject. I've recently found a bunch of amazing mental health enamel pins whilst on my search for new pins to add to my collection. I wanted to share them with you to help you find some self love gifts for those you love in your life who may need a little something to show you care.


Top Self Love Gifts

Self Love Spinning Enamel Pin - Munimagic

Self love  spinning hard  enamel pin mental health pin anxiety image 1

This is such a unique little Pin Badge by Munimagic! A great way to remind someone that they are loved.


Self Love Club Enamel Pin - Quinn's Pins

A gorgeous Self Love Club Enamel Pin - a cute mental health gift to remind you  that self love is the most important love!


Take Time to Recharge Battery Enamel Pin - Liz Harry

Take Time To Recharge Battery Enamel Pin  Mental health Pin  Pastel / Gold

What a gorgeous Enamel Pin! A lovely Pin Badge to let that special someone know that it's ok to do nothing.


I am Enough Enamel PIn - sarahfrancesart

I Am Enough Enamel Pin  Mental Health Awareness  Self Care image 1

A beautiful gold Mental Health Enamel Pin to remind you that you are enough! What a great way to let someone know they're loved.


Constantly Overwhelmed Enamel Pin - fairycakes

Constantly Overwhelmed Enamel Pin  Mental Health  Self Care image 1

If you're wanting to take a more light hearted, funny approach to the feelings of mental health - this is a great Enamel Pin for the job!

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