Business Sustainability

Quinn’s Pins Sustainability Plan

Quinn’s Pins can have a significantly positive impact on the world whilst growing by tackling sustainability issues. This can be achieved by improving my product sustainability and effectively communicating these changes to the world. This would increase people’s awareness of sustainability issues, and make Quinn’s Pins products more appealing to its target audience. This document explores how these goals can be achieved.

Key takeaways:

  • Quinn’s Pins is already working on creating and using more and more eco - friendly packaging and products.
  • Quinn’s Pins is always in search of/using ethical suppliers for their products.
  • It is important to address sustainability issues internally and externally in order to share the importance of being sustainable.

What is sustainability?

Sustainability focuses on efficient and effective solutions that are better for society and the environment by promoting the following actions:

  • Decrease of carbon footprint
  • Reuse
  • Recycle
  • Reduce over-consumption
  • Diversity
  • Decentralization and more

Many of these aspects are already practiced by us and will continue to improve.

Why Should Quinn’s Pins Care?

As a business that is providing products to the World, it is vital that I do as much as I can to help our environment. This includes using sustainable, ethical companies to produce my products, as well as sourcing eco-friendly packaging - in order to allow for as much to be recycled/reused as possible.

We are all becoming more aware of these issues and have a great responsibility towards resolving them. Quinn’s Pins is in a great position to increase this awareness further and help as much as I can.

Strategy & Next Steps

Consistently work to adapt and improve our packaging.

As Quinn’s Pins continues to grow, I will continue to find and use the best ways possible for creating and selling my products to the public. From suppliers to packaging. By taking care of the basic issues we’re having right now will allow me to take a leap in the right direction for full sustainability for all companies in the future.

Ella Quinn

-Quinn’s Pins