How to Wear Enamel Pins?

As someone who runs a shop selling adorbs Enamel Pins (if I do say so myself!) I thought it was only right to show how to wear Enamel Pins and where we can display them in our home!

What are Enamel Pins??

It's probably best to explain what Enamel Pins actually are before we get into how to wear them on the day to day. Enamel Pins, also known as Lapel Pins or Pin Badges, are metal pins with decorative enamel on them, creating all sorts of wonderful designs! They are usually made zinc alloy or iron.
how to make enamel pins

How are Enamel Pins made?

Enamel Pins are made from a mold, that is created from metal. This mold is then stamped onto a piece of metal to create the shape of the Enamel Pin. Now, there are two different types of Enamel Pins. Hard Enamel and Soft Enamel.
Soft Enamel Pins have a recessed look, so you will be able to feel the edges of the Enamel Pin. To create this, the Pin is electroplated to give the Enamel Pin its base colour. The rest of the "fill" colours are then injected onto the Enamel Pin via a machine (or sometimes by hand). The colour is not filled to the very top, which is what gives the Soft Enamel Pin the recessed look.
Hard Enamel Pins, however, are filled with enamel colour all the way to the top first, to ensure a flat surface. Then they are polished and electroplated.


How to Wear Enamel Pins?

Now you know the ins and out of what an Enamel Pin is and how it's made. Lets get on to how to wear Enamel Pins.

On your Jacket

Wearing Enamel Pins on your jacket is a fab way to jazz up your outfit. Whether you pop them on your collar, a pocket or your waistband, it's such a lovely way to add a little more personality to your style!
where to put enamel pins?

On Hats and Beanies

Hear me out, wearing Enamel Pins on your hat/beanie is SO cute. The best part being that it looks like part of the hat, yet you can change it daily! So it looks like you're wearing a different hat each time!

how to wear enamel pins?

On your Bag

Putting Enamel Pins on your bag is such a cool way to display your pins. You can get bags especially for displaying Enamel Pins, or you can pin then into your bags handle or the front! Just be aware they will leave a hole, so stay away from piercing them through leather!

what to do with enamel pins

 Where to Put Enamel Pins?

Are you looking for a place to put your Enamel Pins, rather than clothing? I got you...

Cork Boards

Cork Boards double as a great place to put Enamel Pins! I personally got these cork heat pot stands from Ikea and used them as a pin display! They work great as they don't leave obvious holes, so the pins can be moved around as much as you'd like!

what to put enamel pins on

Pin Displays

There are so many pin boards out there to display your pins! Whether that's an Enamel Pin banner or a board, they come in lots of fun designs by amazing creators.

how to wear enamel pins

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