How to Wear and Style Enamel Pins

How to Wear and Style Enamel Pins

Enamel pins are great little collectables and are becoming more and more popular in recent days. In fact, in the 90's enamel pins started to gain popularity as a fashion statement, which has made them one of the fastest growing trends today! Read more about that here. With so many designs to choose from, enamel pins are perfect gifts for yourself or a loved one. 
If you're anything like me, you've fallen head over heels for enamel pins. In fact, my passion for these little treasures has led me to establish my own online accessories and stationery store, where enamel pins are undoubtedly the shining stars. Now, let's delve into the creative ways you can wear enamel pins to make a statement and showcase your individuality.

What are Enamel Pins?

Enamel pins are small, decorative accessories crafted from metal and enamel, renowned for their intricate designs and vibrant colors. Often made from zinc alloys or iron, they typically feature a metal base with raised edges, filled with colored enamel to create intricate patterns, illustrations, or messages. 
Enamel pins have gained immense popularity in recent years due to their ability to serve as miniature works of art that can be worn and displayed in a variety of ways! Whether showcasing a beloved hobby, supporting a cause, or simply adding a little extra something to an outfit, enamel pins offer a unique form of self-expression and collectability.
how to make enamel pins
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How To Make Enamel Pins

Before we get into how to wear enamel pins, let's learn about how they are made. Creating enamel pins involves several intricate steps, including designing your pin and finding a good manufacturer. Enamel Pins are made from a mold, that is created from metal. This mold is then stamped onto a piece of metal to create the shape of the enamel pin. Now, there are two different types of enamel pins. Hard enamel and soft enamel.
Soft enamel pins have a recessed look, so you will be able to feel the edges of the enamel pin. To create this, the pin is electroplated to give the enamel pin its base colour. The rest of the "fill" colours are then injected onto the enamel pin via a machine (or sometimes by hand). The colour is not filled to the very top, which is what gives the soft enamel pin the recessed look.
Hard enamel pins, however, are filled with enamel colour all the way to the top first, to ensure a flat surface. Hard enamel pins are a premium variant of enamel pins known for their durability and polished finish. Created through a meticulous process of layering enamel and polishing, hard enamel pins feature a smooth, flat surface with metal lines separating each color. 
For more information on the types on enamel pins available, click here.


How to Wear Enamel Pins

Now you know the ins and out of what an enamel pin is and how they are made. Let's dive into the many ways on how to wear enamel pins...

Jacket Pins

Transform your jacket into a wearable canvas of self-expression by adding some enamel pins! You can experiment with different placements and arrangements to create a visually captivating display that reflects your unique style. Historically, enamel pins are also known as 'lapel pins' as they are very popular to wear on your lapel, so this is a great place to wear your enamel pins. 

Wearing enamel pins on your jacket allows you to curate a look that is entirely your own. Plus, the versatility of jackets means you can easily switch up your pin game depending on the occasion or mood, ensuring your outfit always feels fresh and inspired.

where to put enamel pins?
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Tote Bags and Backpacks

A great way to wear enamel pins is on a tote bag or a backpack. You can purchase bags that are specifically designed for displaying enamel pins (such as this one), or you can pin them into your regular tote bags and backpacks to add even more personality to your outfit - they're also a great talking point!

Bags are a great place to wear your enamel pins as they offer a larger surface area, allowing you to showcase even more of your favorite pins. So whether you're heading to school, work, or a weekend adventure, don't hesitate to make a statement with enamel pins adorning your trusty bag companion.



Lanyards for Work

Lanyards offer a fantastic platform to wear enamel pins due to their practicality and visibility. Whether you're attending a convention, festival, or at your 9-5, lanyards provide a convenient and easily accessible space to showcase your pin collection. Additionally, the length of lanyards offers ample space for arranging pins of various sizes and themes, allowing you to curate a dynamic and personalised display.

Lanyards for Pin Trading

In fact, lanyards are now extremely popular when pin trading. Pin trading is the practice of buying, selling, and exchanging collectible pins with other pin collectors. This is an extremely popular activity in Disney World as you can trade official enamel pins with cast members across the park wearing lanyards!

Here's one of my customers wearing her pin on her lanyard!

On Hats and Beanies

Another great way to wear enamel pins is on your hat! This is a stylish and versatile way to showcase your personality and interests. Whether you prefer a baseball cap, beanie, or a bucket hat, hats provide the perfect canvas for displaying your favorite enamel pins. Not only does this allow you to express yourself creatively, but it also adds a playful element to your outfit,


 Where to Put Enamel Pins

With so many creative options available, it can sometimes be challenging to decide where to display your enamel pins. If wearing your enamel pins isn't an option for you, there are many places to display your enamel pins so that you can keep them safe inside... 

Cork Boards

Cork Boards double as a great place to put enamel pins! We personally like to display our collection on cork board (the one below can be found here) Cork boards work great as they don't leave obvious holes, so the pins can be moved around as much as you'd like!

quinns pins enamel pin

Pin Display Banner

A great way to display your enamel pins is on a fabric pin banner. Banners such as these are perfect for filling that little empty space on your wall. Many pin banners can be personalised with your name of the theme of your collection, plus there are so many designs to choose from. 

These pin banners are also very easy and lightweight to move around, meaning that you do not need to commit to just one spot! Have all of your enamel pins on display at one time and remove any you feel like wearing that day with ease!



Where To Buy Enamel Pins

Here at Quinn's Pins, we have a huge range of fun and relatable enamel pins. All of our products are designed by myself in the studio! If you're looking to start your enamel pin collection, please do be sure to check out our range. If you're not sure what pin would best suit you, try our enamel pin quiz!

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