How to Find Good Enamel Pin Manufacturers!

How to Find Good Enamel Pin Manufacturers!

As a company who designs and sells their own enamel pins and other fabulous products (check us out here), a question we often get asked is "where do you find your enamel pin manufacturers?" so we thought it'd be easier to combine all answers to hopefully help you all out! So, here are the best ways to find manufacturers for your business...

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Where To Get Enamel Pins Made

1.) Pin Manufacturers on Alibaba!

Fellow business owner, Alibaba is your new bestie. This is a great website to find reliable manufacturers for Enamel Pins. There are thousands of suppliers that are always looking for new customers - and they're always happy to help you every step of the way. Check out Alibaba here.

A few tips for using Alibaba when finding manufacturers:

- Ensure that you look through their past work, the bigger their portfolio, the more likely they are to produce great products.

- Ask questions. Don't be afraid to ask them anything you're not sure of. These manufacturers are the enamel pin professionals!

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2.) "Google it"

As annoying as this sounds, it's what you need to do! Googling "Enamel Pin manufacturers" will show you a lot of manufacturers for enamel pins, mainly ones of which are in your country - which you may find a little easier and less daunting. 

Top Tip:

You may find that some of these manufacturers will be a little more expensive than they are on Alibaba. Not always, but sometimes there is a chance that they are they're using a manufacturer overseas, like you would be via Alibaba, and dealing with handing over info and answering questions from them. So, although it may be a little pricier, you may find this way a little less daunting and easier for you if it's your first time ordering enamel pins.

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3.) Instagram

If you're running an online business, you should definitely be showing it off on Instagram! You can also find some great pin badge suppliers via Instagram. The perks of Instagram is that it is purely photo and hashtag based. This means you can search for enamel pin manufacturer and I assure you that you'll find plenty of manufacturers with a portfolio of images on their account.

You may find that some other online shop owners may share their manufacturers, so have a little look through their profiles to see if they've shared any recommendations (please don't expect this from everyone. A lot of businesses don't like to share their manufacturers with others - which is completely understandable. Alas, it's worth looking to see if they've tagged their supplier!)

Some suppliers may even come to you! If they see that you're in search of a manufacturer for your enamel pins (remember to use your hashtags!) you may find that you receive a few DM's from manufacturers, so have a look through their profile and on their website to see how you feel.

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To Conclude

Running an enamel pin business is trial and error. You'll find yourself making mistakes and maybe thinking "damn, could I have got that cheaper?!" However in order to get started and run your own business, you have to bite the bullet and learn as you go. Try a few manufacturers until you find one you absolutely love, it'll be worth it! Maybe you'll even be able to get yourself one of our Proud Business Owner Enamel Pins one day!

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Where To Buy Enamel Pins?

Good question, we're glad you asked! If you're  looking for a feel good store to buy some enamel pins to add to your collection (or to get your collection started), Quinn's Pins offers a great selection! Not only do we design our own enamel pins, we also create keyrings, stationery and many other accessories. Be sure to take a browse of our website and check out our social media platforms!

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