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I Cry A Lot Enamel Pin

I Cry A Lot Enamel Pin

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Show that you're a sensitive soul with out 'I Cry A Lot' Enamel Pin - the perfect way to wear your emotions on your sleeve (or jacket!) This little pin is a beautiful statement piece that celebrates mental health, embraces the power of vulnerability, and adds a touch of kawaii cuteness to your everyday style.

Whether you're having a good cry, feeling overwhelmed, or simply in touch with your emotions, this pin lets you proudly embrace your tears. Let the world know that, yes, you are the type of person to shed a tear or two—no shame, no judgement! You're an emotional person and that's a-okay.

Be proud of your emotions by wearing this enamel pin badge on your jacket, bag or on a display board in your home. Let the world know that it's ok to let it all out - tears and all!

All of our products are designed in our studio by myself - so all of our products are unique!
Hard Enamel
Comes on a backing card-perfect for gifting

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